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$5.00 - On Sale

From Noisegood Yahoo post, March 20th, 2001: "Split c60. Comes packaged in metal box with 4 screws holding it together, and one of two different inserts for each band printed on canvas textured paper. Limited to 40, this is a split label release also with the Rectrix.
20 copies at each distro."

From BRXTNLE Discogs:
Solo project started mid 1997 as BRXTNLE, after hearing Merzbow and thinking it was a joke. Unpredictable noise of every style, utilizing everything and anything that can make recordable sound. Sources include but not limited to: metals, junk, field recordings, guitar, treated guitar, bass, numerous pedals, household objects, amps, bass, voice, microphones, contact mics, radio/television/movie samples, computer noise, wavs, loops, various processing software, homemade instruments etc...