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Bocksholm is a collaboration between the cult Raison D'etre and Deutsch Nepal.

"The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara" is actually the bands third release, and this one doesn't disappoint. Released on the little-known Wrotycz Records, Bocksholm offers us a icy cold slab of dark ambience, invaded by occasional loops of power electronics.

The album opener "Franz Enokk the bastard" is one of the coldest tracks I've heard in a while. It sounds exactly like someone trying to unzip their body bag, while the morgue comes to life. Mummification at it's best.

"The Haunting Curse" is easily the best track here - a quiet number with the occasional horn, wind chimes, and some sudden loud soundscapes, it does exactly what it says on the tin - an aural, haunting nightmare.

"Rollermill Waltz" - Yet another classic example of a title summing up the song. You can feel yourself walking through an abandoned (but not empty) fairground late at night. The track picks up with some wonderful and original drum loops. A Highlight.

"Pressbyran '78" Opens the diversity of the release, an 8 minute opus, it starts with the usual intricate sounds, before exploding into fast drums, and some guitar riffs. Hell breaks loose, and Skogs-Sara is winning it's vicious mind game.

"Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv" is a 21 minute tapestry of deranged electronic chaos, rebellion, and the sound of a heart beating in a frozen jar. Around 8 minutes into this riot, a short barrage of noise and distant drums penetrates the senses, and the aforementioned organ explodes.

The conclusive track, "Bira(th) anthem" is like the worst comedown you could ever have. The Morgue is back, and the walls are torturing you with their echoes. The bittersweet Irony of this track is wonderful. This is as much an anthem as it is party music.

"The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara" is a success. It's creators have exorcised the ghost, and it torments us forever more in this; it's last recorded message.

Gold. (Review from Heathen Harvest)